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In today’s blog, we will talk about the many unknown facts about Finlandia Vodka and what to expect when you buy it. But most importantly, we will be discussing the flavours, volume and Delhi Finlandia Vodka Price!

Brief Details of Magic Moment Vodka

NameFinlandia Vodka
DistilleryAltia Corporation
Alcohol content40% ABV
Base ingredientsBarley and pure glacial spring water
Distillation methodContinuous distillation using a column still
Flavor profileSmooth and clean with hints of grain and a subtle sweetness
AwardsMultiple awards including “World’s Best Vodka” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2002 and 2011
AvailabilityWidely available worldwide
Official Website

After reading this block you will be able to decide whether or not the taste of Finlandia Vodka will suit the event you want to host and if so, how exactly should you prepare to introduce this vodka! You will learn an estimate of the pricing of Finlandia Vodka today!

New Finlandia Vodka Price in Delhi Today

Below is the latest Finlandia Vodka Price Delhi for 2023! 1 l Finlandia Vodka is priced at:

Finlandia Vodka Price in Delhi VolumePrice in INR 
Finlandia Vodka Classic1 Litre1890 INR
Finlandia Vodka Classic750ml1470 INR

More To Know About Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia Vodka, as the name seems to suggest, Is a premium quality vodka that is produced using the traditional Vodka-producing method that originated in Finland. Vodka from Finland is said to be extremely light in taste and has one of the highest standards of purity. The method used by Finlandia Vodka includes the distillation of six-row barley with glacial spring water and no added flavour. This is why while you will find a delicate cleanness of taste in Finlandia Vodka, you will not encounter any herbal infusion or fruity aroma. 

The creation of this vodka began in 1888 by Dr Wilhelm Juslin, though the present commercial production only started in 1970. The current manufacturer of Finlandia Vodka is Brown-Forman. The raw materials come from Ilmajoki, which is operated by the Altia Corporation. There are many exciting flavours which have been introduced by Finlandia and these include lime, cranberry, raspberry, tangerine, blackcurrant, grapefruit, mango etc.

Finlandia Vodka is one of the smooth Vodka labels out there. There is no addition of oil in the vodka and it is prepared in such a way as to promote healthy and responsible drinking! For those who enjoy drinking vodka to experience the original classic taste of the beverage through a refined and sophisticated filtration procedure, Finlandia Vodka is a dream come true.

Finlandia Vodka Classic has an alcohol content of 40% while the flavoured varieties (not that easily available in India) are 37.4 % alcohol by volume. The Finlandia Vodka Price in Delhi is quite affordable as compared to other parts of India where the price can go up to 2900 INR. It is an excellent choice of beverage for heavy and complex cocktails because the Finlandia Vodka can retain its original alcoholic taste even when mixed with several flavours, and the lightness of this Vodka helps heavy cocktail mixtures balance out. 


Finlandia Vodka Price in Delhi is one of the lowest pricing in Asia which is why the capital state often opts for this particular vertical label on important occasions and events. This Vodka is very well received by guests and friends or family because the taste is so luxurious it is impossible to tell which high-grade Vodka label has been served – your guest might mistake Finlandia for LVMH or other brands!

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FAQ – Finlandia Vodka Price in Delhi

What is the alcohol percentage of Finlandia Vodka?

The alcohol percentage of Finlandia Vodka Classic is 40% by volume.

Which unique quality of Finlandia Vodka has made it incredibly famous among Vodka Lovers?

The extremely lightweight cleanness and crispness of Finlandia Vodka are what make it famous among sophisticated drinkers and vodka lovers.

What is the latest duty-free New Delhi Finlandia Vodka Price?

The latest updated Finlandia Vodka Price Delhi for 1 l bottle is 1890 INR.

What kind of Cocktails does Finlandia Vodka pair well with?

Finlandia Vodka goes excellently with heavy, complex cocktails with thick ingredients as the lightweight cleanness of the vodka itself balanced out the weight of other ingredients.

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