Teacher’s Whisky Price in Delhi Today | 180ml, 375ml and 750ml Price

Are you looking for the latest Teacher’s Whisky Price in Delhi today for all whisky variants?. we will quote the price of 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml of  Teachers Whisky

In today’s blog, we will be going through the history of Teacher’s Whisky and the many interesting facts to know about this brand. We will also be discussing the changed and updated Teacher’s Whisky price in Delhi.

After reading today’s blog, readers will get the correct knowledge of the best prices for Teacher’s Whisky. The accurate description of Teacher’s Whisky taste and quality will help readers make the best choice for themselves.

Brief Details of Teacher’s Whisky

TypeBlended Scotch Whisky
DistilleryVarious (blended whisky)
AgeVaries (typically includes both age statement and no age statement expressions)
ABV (Alcohol by Volume)Varies (typically around 40% to 43%)
Tasting NotesRich and smooth with flavors of malt, honey, citrus, spices, and a hint of peat.
PackagingAvailable in various sizes, including 700ml, 750ml, and 1 liter bottles
Official Websitehttps://www.teacherswhisky.com/

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Teacher’s Whisky Price in Delhi 2023

The latest Delhi Teacher’s Whisky price is affordable and reasonable – the best alcohol is always found at duty-free pricing in the national capital of India.

Delhi Teacher’s Whisky priceVolumePrice in INR
Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky60 ml165
Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky180 ml505
Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky375 ml1015
Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky750 ml2030
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch60 ml125
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch180 ml385
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch375 ml775
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch750 ml1550
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch1000 ml2060
Teacher’s Golden Thistle Scotch whisky750 ml2330
Teacher’s Highland Cream Reserve Scotch 180 ml 465
Teacher’s Highland Cream Reserve Scotch375 ml965
Teacher’s Highland Cream Reserve Scotch750 ml1870

Everything You Should Know About Teacher’s Whisky

Teacher’s Whisky is a premium quality blended whisky brand that has taken inspiration from the traditional scotch way of brewing. It has a rich flavour and a smoky undertone which goes a long way in giving this sophisticated brand its signature taste. Teacher’s Whisky is sold across the world in different bottle sizes and is especially famous in countries like Brazil and India. It comes in a gold-tinted glass bottle on which a vintage-inspired label is fastened. The liquor itself also has a golden tent which makes it an incredibly aesthetic addition to any party or event.

The official sale of Teacher’s Whisky started in 1830 when William Teacher obtained his first license to sell whisky in the Anderson district of Glasgow. In the initial years, this whisky was simply sold from a grocery shop that belonged to Agnes McDonald, to whom William was engaged. He opened his first-dram shop in 1832 on Piccadilly Street. Within his lifetime William had expanded his sale of whisky to 20 different dram shops. In the 1860s William invented his unique high-peated malt, which to this date is only used by the manufacturers of Teacher’s Whisky. 

Teacher’s Whisky has been awarded many titles of distinction for its amazing quality and taste over the years. It is a big corporation today with many acids sprinkled all over the world including North America, Europe, Japan, Brazil, and India. Teacher’s Whisky prides itself on the ability to make whisky from scratch and considered the process of malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, maturation, and blending as the six artistic steps towards the perfect drink. Try Teacher’s Whisky to concoct any beverage or cocktail of your choice and see how you will never be disappointed!


Scotch whisky is considered one of the highest-quality whiskeys in the world. Getting one’s hands on such premium quality whisky at such an affordable price is not easy but it has now been made possible by the Teacher’s Whisky label. Using precisely controlled temperatures and traditional methods of handcrafting, Teacher’s Whisky has been able to keep the craft of good liquor brewing alive. 

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FAQ – Teacher’s Whisky Price in Delhi

What is the latest Teacher’s Whisky price in Delhi for a 750 ml bottle?

Teacher’s Whisky price in Delhi for a 750 ml bottle is 2030 INR.

What is the alcoholic content of Teacher’s Whisky?

Teacher’s Whisky contains 40% alcohol by volume.

How many variants does the Teacher’s Whisky come in?

There are many different variants in which Teacher’s whisky is sold. These are Highland Cream, Teacher’s 50, Teacher’s Origin, etc.

What kind of whisky is the Teacher’s Whisky?

Teacher’s Whisky is a carefully handcrafted blended Scotch whisky that was originally created by William Teacher in Scotland.

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