Red Label Whisky Price in Delhi Today | 200ml, 375ml and 750ml Price

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Brief Details of Red Label Whisky

BrandJohnnie Walker
TypeBlended Scotch Whisky
DistilleryVarious (blended whisky)
AgeNo Age Statement (NAS)
ABV (Alcohol by Volume)40%
Tasting NotesBalanced and versatile with notes of smoky peat, malt, honey, fruit, and spices.
PackagingTypically available in various sizes, such as 750ml and 1 liter bottles
Official Website

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Red Label Whisky Price in Delhi Today

Here is the updated list of Delhi Red Label Whisky prices that is being followed in the market currently. Take a look at the list for a better idea.

Delhi Red Label Whisky PriceVolumePrice in INR
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky200 ml₹650
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky375 ml₹1175
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky750 ml₹1700
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky1000 ml₹2290

Everything To Know About Red Label Whisky

Johnnie Walker Red Label or the Red Label whisky is a premium quality blended Scotch whisky which is sold at a much more affordable rate than other whisky brands of the same quality. Like most whisky primes, this Scotch whisky is an excellent mixer and equivalent popular as a raw drink on the rocks. Red Label whisky is considered to be so delicious that it is even used by Michelin-star chefs in India to prepare European cuisines and fusion delicacies.

The Red Label whisky was created and prepared by George and Alexander Walker in 1909 when it was sold domestically as the old highland whisky. This whisky is not aged but rather gets its flavour from careful preparation with multiple infusions and a unique manufacturing process. Even when it is known as a non-age-stated blend, in reality, The Red Label whisky does sit for around 12 years – especially the richest and most delicate variants.

Red Label whisky is considered to be among the best-selling whisky brands in the world. It is made using great quality Indian grains and single malt – up to 35 of these are combined together including famous liquors like Teaninich and Cameronbridge. The flavour of Red Label whisky feels like a wonderful combination of fresh fruits and sweet spices. There is a delightful smoky undertone to this whisky which makes it pair well with barbecue meat, Mughlai cuisine and Middle Eastern desserts. This whisky is also popular in clubs and pubs for visitors who are of legal age and enjoy making special memories with close friends and relatives.


Red Label whisky is one of the most widely sold whisky brands in India. It has a deliciously unique but flexible taste which makes it surpass everything else. This whisky brand is imported to India and retailed to adult purchasers not only in Delhi but across the country. Red Label whisky in Delhi is mostly sold at a duty-free price as such stories and shrubs are very popular in the capital city of the country.

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FAQ – Red Label Whisky Price in Delhi

What is the price of 750 ml Red Label whisky in Delhi?

Red Label Whisky price in Delhi for 750 ml is 1700 INR.

Are there flavoured bottles of Red Label whisky sold in India?

The Red Label whisky does come in some flavoured variants which include the Gold Label Reserve, Platinum Label, Red and Cranberry, Red and Cola etc.

Who can purchase Red Label whisky in Delhi?

Any alcohol enthusiast over the age of 21 can legally purchase the Red Label whisky in Delhi. Some retailers however prefer to entertain enthusiasm only over the age of 25.

What is the Red Label Whisky Price in Delhi for 200 ml bottles?

The Delhi Red Label Whisky price for a 200 ml bottle is 650 INR.

What is the alcohol content of Red Label whisky?

The alcohol content of Red Label whisky is 40% by volume.

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