Grey Goose Vodka Price in Delhi | 60ml, 700ml and 1Ltr Price

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In today’s blog, we will be discussing the latest duty-free Grey Goose Vodka price in List New Delhi, along with some important facts about this cherished Vodka brand that you must know about. 

After reading this blog, our readers will have a clear idea of what quantity and pricing to expect from the Grey Goose brand, and will also know a lot about the history behind New Delhi Grey Goose vodka price. Do you want to know what kind of bottles and flavours The Grey Goose brand manufactures?

Brief Details of Grey Goose Vodka

Brand NameGrey Goose
Country of OriginFrance
Alcohol Content40% ABV (80 proof)
DistillationColumn still
FlavoursRegular, L’Orange, La Poire, Cherry Noir, Le Citron, VX
Bottle Sizes50ml, 200ml, 750ml, 1L,

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Latest Grey Goose Vodka Price in Delhi 2023

Delhi Grey Goose vodka price is usually calculated at the subsidized amount because of the new and much-appreciated duty-free alcohol pricing common in the state. Grey Goose price in Delhi depends on the volume of vodka sold, which is usually in bottles of 200 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml. 

Here is the latest list of Grey Goose vodka prices in Delhi!

BrandVolumePrice in INR
Grey Goose Original Price in Delhi200 ml1370
Grey Goose Original Price in Delhi750 ml3530
Grey Goose Original Price in Delhi1 litre4790
GREY GOOSE VXL Price in Delhi750 ml9430

Interesting facts about Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is a premium quality French Vodka which is often praised for retaining its original recipe and taste throughout all these years. This famous Vodka was created by Sidney Frank Importing Co. Which was headed by the true brewer of this vodka, Sidney Frank himself.

Grey Goose has always maintained a unique and separate identity from all other Vodkas produced in Europe. The distillation water for this Vodka is curated from the natural springs in France and filtered through champagne limestone. Carefully produced, organic French wheat is used to make this Vodka drink. Grey Goose originally only sold the regular refreshing and crisp Vodka and released its first flavour – L’Orange – as late as 2001. Eventually Frank sold Grey Goose to Bacardi in 2004. 

Special care is taken to make this Vodka as fine and distilled as possible while also removing impurities and retaining only the strong taste of the vodka itself. Grey Goose is gluten-free vodka. Its best creation comes from the internationally famous blending facility in Cognac. It uses a signature retro Goose as its logo and manufactures frosted glass bottles with a replaceable cork.

If you are looking for a delicate, refined tasting Vodka for a special day or event, Grey Goose is a brand that will be able to add some rich french flavour and texture to all your other endeavours and reward you and your guests with a phenomenal experience!

FAQ for Grey Goose Vodka Price in Delhi

What is the smallest Grey Goose Vodka price in Delhi?

The Grey Goose Vodka prize in Delhi for the smallest 200 ml bottle is 1370 INR.

Is New Delhi Grey Goose Vodka price 750 ml less than the price in UP?

New Delhi Available duty-free vodka. This is why the price of New Delhi Grey Goose vodka 750 ml is less than that of Uttar Pradesh.

What is the alcohol content of Grey Goose vodka?

The alcohol content of Grey Goose vodka is 40% by volume.

What is the Grey Goose Vodka price in Delhi 750ml?

The Delhi Grey Goose vodka price is 3530 INR.

What is the Grey Goose price in Delhi for a 1 litre original Vodka bottle?

The biggest bottle of Grey Goose vodka is a 1 l Vodka original bottle that is priced at 4790 INR. 

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