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In today’s article, we will be discussing the origin, manufacture, and price of Grey Goose Vodka. We will also be discussing the specific Grey Goose Vodka Price Goa for each of the flavours and bottle sizes sold at present. 

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Brief Details of Grey Goose Vodka

Brand NameGrey Goose
Country of OriginFrance
Alcohol Content40% ABV (80 proof)
DistillationColumn still
FlavorsRegular, L’Orange, La Poire, Cherry Noir, Le Citron, VX
Bottle Sizes50ml, 200ml, 750ml, 1L,

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Best Grey Goose Vodka Price in Goa Today

Below is a comprehensive list of the standard Grey Goose Vodka Price Goa that is being followed in most parts of the state. Let us take a look:

Goa Grey Goose Vodka PriceVolumePrice in INR
Grey Goose Vodka750 ml5200₹
Grey Goose Le Citron750 ml6000₹
Grey Goose La Poire750 ml6600₹
Grey Goose La Orange750 ml6000₹

Everything About Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is an iconic vodka brand that has millions of faithful customers worldwide and is one of the top vodka brands in the entire world. There’s probably no one who hasn’t heard the name of this vodka brand! It is not only the most popular vodka brand but it also has one of the best quality vodkas of all time.

Grey Goose vodka was first made in 1997 by a Frenchman named Francois Thibault and the brand was first created by SidneyFrank in the 1990s. Currently, this Vodka brand is owned by Bacardi. Grey Goose Vodka has gained such humongous popularity due to its unique and premium taste. Even the vodka bottles of this brand are handcrafted. Grey Goose is always associated with sophistication and luxury.

Grey Goose Vodka is made from the finest quality winter wheat. All the wheat is said to be sourced from the same location and that is why people from all over the world can get the same premium taste of this prestigious vodka. All the wheat is sourced from Picardy, France. Even the water is sourced from one single place- from Gensac spring in the Cognac region of France. Here, the water undergoes a natural filtration process as it filters through limestone for decades.

Grey Goose vodka price in Goa is quite affordable compared to other states of India. The usage of French wheat and spring water puts it a step above other vodka brands as those vodkas are usually made from cheaper grains. The 5-time distillation process gives this vodka an extra smooth taste. Grey Goose Vodka tastes exactly how a premium quality vodka should taste – smooth, crisp, and clean. It offers a delicate sweet aroma. Another quality is that this vodka is free of any artificial additives and thus has a very natural flavour. It can be served neat, on the rocks, or can be mixed to make various cocktails.


Grey Goose is an impressive Vodka that you will find in all liquor stores, bars, and also in nightclubs. It is an excellent option for those who are looking for high-quality Vodkas. Thus it has become one of the most popular Vodka brands in the market today. If you haven’t yet given it a try, you’re surely missing out on a lot!

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FAQ – Grey Goose vodka price in Goa

What is the latest 750 ml Grey Goose Vodka Price Goa?

The Price of Grey Goose Vodka in Goa for 750 ml is 3,500 INR.

Is Grey Goose Vodka in Goa a good choice for vacationing with friends?

Grey Goose Vodka is an excellent choice for occasions, outdoor events, and vacations with friends.

How many flavours does the Grey Goose Vodka come in?

Grey Goose Vodka comes in many flavours including Strawberry & Lemongrass, White Peach & Rosemary, and also Watermelon & Basil.

What is the alcohol content of Grey Goose Vodka?

The Alcohol content of Grey Goose Vodka is 40%.

Do clubs in Goa have stock of Grey Goose Vodka?

Grey Goose Vodka is one of the most popular Vodka brands in Goa and has a large demand. One will find Grey Goose Vodka in the larger clubs of Goa.

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