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Are you looking for Amrut whisky price in Delhi? Are you also interested in knowing more about this renowned whisky brand which has become the go-to whisky brand for many?

In this blog, we will discuss the detailed price list of Amrut Whisky in Delhi. It is very important to be aware of the updated prices as the prices keep changing due to new taxation policies. We will also talk about the rich history of this Whisky brand and also about what has made this whisky brand so popular. 

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Brief Details of Amrut Whisky

Country of OriginIndia
Type of WhiskySingle Malt
Alcohol by Volume (ABV)Varies (typically around 46-50%)
ColorRanges from pale gold to deep amber
NoseRich and fruity with notes of tropical fruits, honey, spices, and oak
PalateFull-bodied and complex with flavors of malt, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel, and a subtle smokiness
FinishLong and satisfying, often with lingering sweet and spicy notes
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Amrut Whisky Price in Delhi – Updated List 2023 

Refer to the table provided below for the most accurate and updated price list of Amrut Whisky Price in Delhi :

Delhi Amrut Whisky PriceVolumePrice in INR
Amrut Amalgam Malt Whisky750 ml4500
Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky750 ml5190
Amrut Fusion Indian Single Malt Whisky750 ml6790

More About Amrut Whisky

Amrut Whisky is a popular whisky brand not only in India but also in other countries and is known for its high quality and premium taste. It was rated the 3rd finest whisky in the entire world in the year 2010. Today, it is being exported to all of the Western European countries along with South Africa, North America, and also Australia.

The Amrut Distilleries was first opened in Bangalore, Karnataka in the year 1948 by an individual named JN Radhakrishna Rao Jagdale. However, the main distillery of today was first established in the year 1987 and is located in Kambipura. After the death of the respected founder, his son took over the company and became the managing director of the company. 

Amrut Whisky is made using the finest grains and the best procedures are used for its preparation. It is made from barley. This barley is mainly sourced from the agricultural states of Haryana, Punjab, and also Rajasthan. In some variants of the Amrut Whisky, peated barley is used which is imported directly from Scotland. The water used is sourced from a well located in a pesticide-free agricultural region that is owned by the company itself and is 24 km away from the distillery. Amrut whisky overall has a very smooth and delicious taste and gives off a sweet honey flavour. However, the taste differs with respect to the variant. 

Amrut whisky has several variants. They are- Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky, Amrut Intermediate Sherry, and Amrut Kadhambam. There are three limited edition ones- Amrut Two Continents Single Malt Whisky, Amrut Greedy Angels, and Amrut Double Cask.


Amrut Whisky is perfect for any outdoor event or occasion. A single sip will cam pull one out of a bad mood and change your day for the better. It is a popular choice among young adults due to its premium taste and unique flavour. 

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FAQ – Amrut Whisky Price in Delhi

What is the Amrut Whisky Price in Delhi for 750 ml?

Amrut Whisky Price in Delhi is 3050 INR.

What is the alcohol content of Amrut Whisky?

The Alcohol content of Amrut Whisky is 50% ABV.

What is Amrut Whisky?

Amrut Whisky is said to be the very first Single Malt Whisky to be made in India.

Where are the Amrut Distilleries located?

Amrut Distilleries is located in the Indian state of Karnataka.

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