Artic Vodka Price in Delhi Today | 180ml and 750ml Price in Delhi

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This blog is going to talk about the most famous Vodka in North India – Artic Vodka. We will list down the updated New Delhi Artic Vodka Price. Then we will talk about the history of homegrown Artic Vodka.

After reading till the end, you will be able to decide which Vodka Label to go for and what will be the total cost of the Vodka you need. 

Brief Details of Artic Vodka

BrandArtic Vodka
TypeUnflavored vodka
Alcohol Content40% ABV
Country of OriginFinland
DistillationContinuous distillation process
Raw Materials100% pure Finnish spring water and six-row barley
TasteClean, fresh, herbal hint, smooth mouthfeel.
Bottle Size750 ml, 1 L, 1.75 L
Official website

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Latest Artic Vodka Price in Delhi List

Here is the latest Delhi Artic Vodka Price:

BrandVolumePrice in INR
Artic Vodka 60 ml75 INR
Artic Vodka180 ml225 INR
Artic Vodka750 ml910 INR
Artic Vodka Nrl Green Apple60 ml80 INR
Artic Vodka Nrl Green Apple180 ml240 INR
Artic Vodka Nrl Green Apple750 ml960 INR
Artic Vodka Natural Orange60 ml80 INR
Artic Vodka Natural Orange 180 ml240 INR
Artic Vodka Natural Orange 750 ml960 INR

About Artic Vodka

Artic Vodka is an International Vodka Label that has always aimed to preserve the traditional process of making vodka while at the same time infusing this drink with nutritional, healthy qualities. It is this unique blend of traditional and modern practices which has given Artic Vodka its characteristic superior taste. It is surprising therefore to know that this brand of vodka is manufactured by Modi Illva, not in Italy but in India, in collaboration with Saronno.

There is a slightly herbal aroma that emanates from this Vodka drink. The appearance of the drink is crystalline and crisp – it is a lightweight and smooth drink that has a sharp alcoholic tinge to it. It is a 100% pure green Vodka that includes multiple herbal infusions and is made using only mineral water! It is gluten-free and goes through a quadruple distillation process and three filtration stages. Rumour says that the Artic vodka makers use a unique Italian ingredient that gives it its characteristic perfume. 

The flavored variants of Artic Vodka taste phenomenal and can really blend into the unrelenting strength of the vodka itself. Green Apple is a wonderful choice if you want to experiment with different ingredients; Orange is chosen for sweeter, lighter preparations.


Artic Vodka Price in Delhi is pretty Affordable because this Vodka is manufactured in India itself. You can purchase Artic Vodka in most wholesale and retail liquor shops because this Vodka is widely distributed throughout Delhi NCR. It is an excellent choice if you want to prepare elaborate cocktails or wish to add many mixed flavors to them. It should be noted that most clubs and events choose Artic Vodka to prepare their characteristic drinks.

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FAQ – Artic Vodka Price in Delhi

What is the New Delhi Artic Vodka 750 ml Price for today?

Artic Vodka Price in Delhi for 750 ml is 910 ml.

How many flavors is Artic Vodka available in New Delhi?

The main flavors of Artic Vodka are Natural, Natural Orange, and Natural Green Apple.

What is the alcohol percentage of Artic Vodka?

The alcohol percentage of Artic Vodka is 40% by volume.

Is Artic Vodka available duty-free in New Delhi?

Artic Vodka, just like most other alcoholic beverages, is available duty-free in the capital city of New Delhi.

How old do I have to be to be able to purchase Artic Vodka in New Delhi?

 In all states and union territories of India, an individual has to be minimum of 21 years of age to be eligible for purchasing alcohol.

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