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Brief Details of Eristoff Vodka

VariantsEristoff Original, Eristoff Black
IngredientsGrain (wheat, barley, rye)
DistillationTriple distilled
FiltrationCharcoal filtration
Bottle size180ml, 375ml, 750ml,
TasteSmooth and clean
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Eristoff Vodka Price in Kolkata 2023

Here is the current Eristoff Vodka Price in Kolkata for the year 2023:

Eristoff Vodka Price KolkataVolumePrice in INR
Eristoff Vodka750 ml990 INR

About Eristoff Vodka

Eristoff Vodka was first created in 1806 to please the Eristavi of Duchy of Racha in the small but incredibly powerful and gorgeous European Kingdom of Georgia. Ever since then, it became a royal drink, and almost a century later it began being sold in the market to the general public. The Eristoff Vodka, to this date, follows the traditional method of 100% grains spirit Vodka where the alcohol is triple distilled and charcoal filtered to be given its final form. It has a delightful taste, good moisture content, and a strong presence of intoxicating alcohol that makes it just the perfect mixture for any important occasion.

Eristoff Vodka is known for its exclusive taste; while the price of this vodka is a little towards the higher end, it is widely chosen for expensive parties and occasions. Alcohol lovers can easily identify the taste and aroma of Eristoff Vodka as compared to other vodka brands. It has a delicious smell and is light on the stomach. Eristoff Vodka is a beautiful choice for such events. It is a smooth drink that blends well with everything. This Vodka label is equally popular among both men and women; due to its incredible consistency but also because of the attractive packaging and wonderful advertising that characterizes this label.

Kolkata has an open and celebratory drinking culture, and alcohol is easily available throughout the city. You will find Eristoff Vodka at affordable prices in Kolkata at general liquor shops, wholesale liquor shops, retail brands like Spencer, and duty-free liquor shops online. Have you ever tried Eristoff Vodka in Kolkata? Tell us in the comments! Kolkata Eristoff Vodka Price has recently increased along with the pricing of most alcoholic beverages due to some changes in the state pricing and excise duty. Even then you can make a purchase of alcohol from duty-free online stores in Kolkata to get additional discounts.


Eristoff Vodka Price Kolkata for 2023 reflects the high demand that this label is beginning to create in the local alcohol market. Many people have started switching to Eristoff, especially during the warm months; and for cocktails with heavy ingredients, Eristoff is just perfect!

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FAQ – Eristoff Vodka Price in Kolkata

What is the alcohol percentage of Eristoff Vodka?

The alcohol percentage of most Vodka brands in Kolkata ranges from 40% to 42.8% by volume.

When was the Eristoff Vodka label established?

The Eristoff Vodka label was established in 1806.

Where can we buy good quality Eristoff Vodka?

We can buy good quality alcohol at most government-recognised liquor shops in Kolkata. Lekar retail brands like Spencer and duty-free online stores can also provide us with unique additional discounts on our alcohol.

What is the Eristoff Vodka Price in Kolkata for a 750 ml bottle?

Some of the most popular Vodka labels sold in Kolkata include the Smirnoff, Absolut, Magic Moments, and Eristoff Vodka.

What is the alcohol percentage of Eristoff Vodka?

The alcoholic percentage of Eristoff Vodka is 42.8% by volume.

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