Magic Moments Vodka Price in Kolkata | 180ml, 750ml Vodka Price

Hello Friends! Do you want to know the latest Magic Moments Vodka Price in Kolkata for all volumes and flavors that are available currently? We will tell the cost of 180 ml, 375 ml, and 750 ml, of Magic Moments Vodka

In this article, a detailed list of the latest Kolkata Magic Moments Vodka Price is presented following all the available variants and volumes.

After reading this blog, you will have a clear idea of all the flavors you can choose from, and the budget that will help fit Magic Moments in the planning for your next big event or project.

Brief Details of Magic Moment Vodka

BrandMagic Moments
Alcohol Content37.5% ABV (75 proof)
Base IngredientGrain
Distillation7 times
Flavour ProfileClean and crisp, with a hint of sweetness
Bottle Size750 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml, 90 ml
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Latest Magic Moments Vodka Price in Kolkata 2023

Here is the list of the latest Magic Moments Vodka Price in Kolkata:

Magic Moments Price in Kolkata VolumePrice in INR
Magic Moments Pure Grain Vodka 180 ml 170
Magic Moments Pure Grain Vodka375 ml 330
Magic Moments Pure Grain Vodka750 ml620
Remix Chocolate Vodka180 ml 200
Remix Chocolate Vodka375 ml 380
Remix Chocolate Vodka750 ml720
Remix Green Apple Vodka180 ml 200
Remix Green Apple Vodka375 ml 380
Remix Green Apple Vodka750 ml720
Green Apple Premium Flavoured Vodka180 ml 220
Green Apple Premium Flavoured Vodka375 ml 420
Green Apple Premium Flavoured Vodka750 ml800

About Magic Moments Vodka

Magic Moments is one of the most famous premium brands of vodka sold in India – people preferred it because it is quite affordable in spite of being top class in quality and quantity; plus it is known for its perfect blend and thick but smooth consistency.

The green apple flavor of Magic Moments vodka is often chosen over brands like Bacardi and Belvedere! It is a matter of great pride to us all that Magic Moments is indeed a homegrown brand! This might be a reason why the present Kolkata magic moments Vodka price is so discounted and affordable in comparison to other Vodka labels that have a similar quality to boast of.

Magic Moments has a vision of realizing what the name of the label suggests: creating unique, magical moments wherever we go by cracking open a bottle together. It is triple-distilled and completely gluten-free; it is an excellent blender for all cocktails and alcoholic preparations and can even be paired with other Vodka labels to create a unique taste and flavor that lovers of strong alcohol really admire.

The Magic Moments vodka label has today captured over 50% of the total market share and is run by none other than the millionaire company Radico Khaitan. It was launched in 2006 and has slowly grown in popularity by being constantly given a 5-star rating on social media. Today, Magic Moments has a new reason to be famous – its wonderful frosted glass packaging which has captured visual social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, etc for its unique aesthetic look.

If you wish to start the evening with something classic without spending a pretty penny, the Magic Moments vodka should definitely be your first choice.


In the above article, we talked about the Magic Moments vodka price in Kolkata. We saw how Magic Moments produces Vodka in many different flavors all of which happen to be equally popular in India. One can easily find all volume variants of the Magic Moments vodka at most individual retail shops in Kolkata. In case the desired flavor is not available in your nearest shop, you can always look into the official delivery app of Magic Moments vodka or go to any retail brand that sells alcohol. 

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FAQ – Magic Moments vodka price in Kolkata

What is the current 750 ml Magic Moments Vodka Price in Kolkata?

The current 750 ml Magic Moments Vodka Price in Kolkata is 620 INR

What is the alcohol percentage of Magic Moments Vodka?

The alcohol percentage of Magic Moments vodka is 42.8% by volume.

What is the Price of the smallest Magic Moments Vodka bottle in Kolkata?

The smallest bottle of Magic Moments Vodka is 180 ml. It is priced at 170 INR.

How many flavors does the Magic Moments Vodka come in?

The Magic Moments Vodka comes in many flavors like Orange, Green Apple, Chocolate, etc. There are around 8 flavored variants of Magic Moments.

Who can purchase Magic Moments Vodka in Kolkata?

Any individual or foreign citizen can purchase Magic Moments vodka in Kolkata as long as they are 21 years of age. You might need to show your ID at any retail shop or brand to be allowed to take a bottle of Magic Moments vodka home.

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