Magic Moments Vodka Price in Delhi | 90ml, 180ml Vodka Price List

Are you looking for the latest and most accurate Magic Moments Vodka Price in Delhi? We have brought for you the most comprehensive and exhaustive Magic Moments word ka list that you can want.

In this article, we will discuss the many flavours that Magic Moments coming and why this world cup brand is worth the money for any occasion. Most importantly we will be discussing the volume-wise price list of Magic Moments vodka.

After reading this blog you will know all the Magic Moments flavours available in New Delhi and choose the correct volume for your next event or drinking session by referring to the latest, updated Delhi Magic Moments Vodka Price list. 

Brief Details of Magic Moment Vodka

BrandMagic Moments
Alcohol Content37.5% ABV (75 proof)
Base IngredientGrain
Distillation7 times
Flavour ProfileClean and crisp, with a hint of sweetness
Bottle Size750 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml, 90 ml
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Magic Moments Vodka Price in Delhi Updated List

Magic Moments vodka is one of the most famous vodka brands among the younger generation. The characteristic packaging and unique taste make this brand recognisable anywhere. 

Magic Moments is essentially a brand that delivers premium quality Vodka at an affordable price so that youngsters can enjoy quality alcohol anytime they want.

Here is the latest 2023 New Delhi Magic Moments Vodka Price list:

M2 Magic Moments Verve Green Apple180195₹
M2 Magic Moments Verve Green Apple375390₹
M2 Magic Moments Verve Green Apple750780₹
Magic Moments Verve Lemon Lush180195₹
Magic Moments Verve Lemon Lush375390₹
Magic Moments Verve Lemon Lush750780₹
M2 Magic Moments Verve Superior Grain Vodka180190₹
M2 Magic Moments Verve Superior Grain Vodka375380₹
M2 Magic Moments Verve Superior Grain Vodka750780₹
M2 Magic Moments Dazzle Special Edition Premium Grain Vodka7501020₹
Remix Chocolate Flavoured Vodka180ml145₹
Remix Chocolate Flavoured Vodka375ml290₹
Remix Chocolate Flavoured Vodka750ml580₹
Remix Flavoured Vodka Grapefruit and Watermelon375ml290₹
Remix Flavoured Vodka Grapefruit and Watermelon750ml580₹
Remix Lemongrass & Ginger Flavoured Vodka180ml145₹
Remix Lemongrass & Ginger Flavoured Vodka375ml290₹
Remix Lemongrass & Ginger Flavoured Vodka750ml580₹
Remix Orange Flavoured Vodka180ml145₹
Remix Orange Flavoured Vodka375ml290₹
Remix Orange Flavoured Vodka750ml580₹
Remix Raspberry Premium Flavoured Vodka180ml145₹
Remix Raspberry Premium Flavoured Vodka375ml290₹
Remix Raspberry Premium Flavoured Vodka750ml580₹
Premium Grain Vodka180ml135₹
Premium Grain Vodka375ml265₹
Premium Grain Vodka750ml530₹

Facts about Magic Moments Vodka

even though the Magic Moments price in Delhi is almost half in comparison to another premium, imported alcohol – it is still prepared to keep every important Vodka distillation process in mind. More importantly, Magic Moments is not an imported brand! This is an Indian-made Vodka brand that started in 2006 and has today captured not only the Indian market but even the international market of vodka lovers!

Here are some excellent qualities about the Magic Moments vodka that you should know:

  • Magic Moments vodka uses the finest produced Indian grains
  • The vodka undergoes a triple distillation process which adds a touch of Magic to the taste
  • Magic Moments advertises clarity, quality and smoothness
  • The many rare flavours of Magic Moments are not widely available in the market – these flavours include blueberry, peach, butterscotch, block current and lemon.


Magic Moment’s price in Delhi is affordable for the Indian consumer market and its aesthetic bottles have made it a perfect alcohol brand to feature on people’s Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest accounts. We will not be wrong, perhaps, if we predict that Magic Moments is going to be the most trendy Vodka in 2023!

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FAQ for Magic Moments Vodka price in Delhi

What is the Magic Moments vodka 750 ML price in New Delhi?

Magic Moments vodka price in New Delhi for 750 ml is 520 INR.

How much alcohol is there in Magic Moments?

Magic Moments is a relatively strong vodka preparation which has 42.8% alcohol by volume.

Can Magic Moments be used as a mixture of cocktails?

Magic Moments is considered one of the best Vodka brands in India for cocktails and long drinks.

What is the Magic Moments vodka 90 ML price?

The 90 ml Magic Moments vodka price in Delhi is 90 INR. However, smaller bottles of Magic Moments vodka are really hard to find in Delhi.

Is the Magic Moments Vodka Price in Delhi more affordable than other luxury Vodka in India?

Magic Moments Vodka brand is the most affordable alcohol in India. Most other premium quality alcohol full-sized bottles are priced over 1000 INR, but Magic Moments starts at 520 INR for 750 ml.

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