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Welcome back, friends! Are you looking for the recent and updated Magic Moments vodka price in Goa? Then you surely are at the right place, because that is what we are going to talk about in today’s blog. Magic Moments has now become the go-to Vodka brand for people all over India. It has a surprisingly pleasant taste along with a super pocket-friendly price!

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the detailed, accurate, and most recent price list for Absolut Vodka price in Goa. Magic Moments vodka price often varies from city to city and state to state and that is why it is necessary to know the latest and updated price available in your designated region. You will also find some useful information about this world-famous Indian Vodka brand which has bagged some major awards in the last few years.

After reading this blog you will fall in love with the flavors and premium quality vodka provided by Magic Moments. We also hope that this blog will be able to answer all your questions regarding the prices of Magic Moments vodka in Goa.

Brief Details of Magic Moments Vodka

BrandMagic Moments
Alcohol Content37.5% ABV (75 proof)
Base IngredientGrain
Distillation7 times
Flavour ProfileClean and crisp, with a hint of sweetness
Bottle Size750 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml, 90 ml
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 Magic Moments Vodka Price in Goa – Updated List 2023

Refer to the table provided below for the latest and most accurate price list for Magic Moments Vodka in Goa:

Goa Magic Moments Vodka PriceVolumePrice in INR
Magic Moments Vodka750 ml1000
Magic Moments Remix flavoured Green Apple Vodka750 ml1076
Magic Moments Raspberry Vodka750 ml1076
Magic Moments Remix Chocolate Vodka750 ml1076

More about Magic Moments Vodka.

Magic Moments Vodka is a Vodka brand that belongs to the prestigious Radico Khaitan company. It is known as the ultimate vodka brand in India that never goes out of trend. It is especially popular among young adults and can be found in almost all bars and nightclubs.

There is no better way to get a spark of magic into your life than to get Magic Moments vodka, which makes every moment grand. The cost of this brand’s vodka is also quite affordable. Its superior taste and luxury packaging also make it super special! Today, Magic Moments vodka has an immense market overseas and exports its products to many countries worldwide. It has now become the 11th-largest Vodka brand in the entire world!

Magic Moments vodka is made from a blend of the finest quality grains. It is triple-distilled to gain its characteristic smooth taste. This helps it gain another level of purity. This vodka has an overall smooth taste along with subtle sweetness. It is also enriched with freshness. Magic Moments offers a wide range of flavors, such as Green Apple, Orange, Grapefruit & watermelon, Chocolate, Lemon, Lemongrass & Ginger, Cucumber & wild green lemon, and Raspberry. The brand is also known for its distinctive packaging and also for the attractive bottle design.

Magic Moments vodka is the symbol of absolute purity and will never fail to bring magic into your life. No wonder it has become a must for celebrations and parties!

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FAQ – Magic Moments Vodka Price in Goa

What is the Magic Moments Vodka price in Goa for 750 ml?

 The price of Magic Moments 750 ml bottle in Goa is 340 INR.

What is the alcohol content of Magic Moments Vodka?

The Alcohol content of Magic Moments Vodka is 42.8% by volume.

Who makes Magic Moments Vodka?

Magic Moments vodka is a brand under the Radico Khaitan company which is the largest liquor manufacturer in India.

What is Magic Moments Vodka?

Magic Moments Vodka is made up of the finest grains and undergoes a triple distillation process.

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