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Are you looking for the latest and most accurate Absolut Vodka Price in Kolkata? Do you want to know if Absolut Vodka is a good choice of drink? Do you want to know more about the history and nature of Absolut Vodka?

In this blog we will be covering everything there is to know about Absolut Vodka – Kolkata Absolut Vodka price, history of Absolut Vodka label and brand, a quick review of the taste and flavours, as well as how to enjoy Absolut Vodka to the fullest!

After reading this blog, you will find concrete answers to all the queries and questions you have about Absolut Vodka. 

Brief Details of Absolut Vodka

ABV (Alcohol by volume)40%
VariantsAbsolut Original, Absolut Citron, Absolut Lime, Absolut Elyx, and many more
DistillationContinuous distillation
FiltrationSeveral times through activated charcoal
Country of OriginSweden
ProducerThe Absolut Company AB
Official Websitehttps://www.absolut.com/

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Latest Absolut Vodka Price in Kolkata

Below is the 2023 List of Absolut Vodka Price in Kolkata:

BrandVolumePrice in INR
Absolut vodka750 ml2820 INR

Everything You Need To Know About Absolut Vodka

It is no surprise that there are so many people interested in the history of Absolut Vodka – after all, this Vodka label is one of the most popular among all foreign brands that produce Vodka for distribution in India. Absolut Vodka Price Kolkata is astonishingly affordable, but when it comes to taste this Vodka is not second to any premium production!

The extra smooth texture of the vodka and its relatively thick build makes it a wonderful choice for heavy drinkers, or those who want to warm themselves up in the dreary winter months. This specific Vodka was first brewed in Sweden in 1879. And although today this Vodka is a patron of the French house Pernod Ricard, it still uses the same distillation and filtration process that once made it famous all over Europe.

You can choose to drink Absolut vodka literally any time of the day and it often becomes a company of spicy dishes as well as sweet confectioneries. Absolut Vodka comes in many popular flavours such as Raspberry, Vanilla, Mandarin etc. If you like the taste and texture of Absolut Vodka classic you definitely need to try all these other flavours by making cocktail concoctions or a part of some fruity meal that you will truly enjoy!


For any alcohol lover, celebrating a big event or even making special memories out of everyday settings without alcohol is impossible. After all, we all want to be able to enjoy the exciting feeling that comes with experiencing new Brands and labels. Absolut vodka is so affordable and yet so delicious that it can be enjoyed by youngsters just as much. You can opt for this vodka even on days when you don’t have any reason to spend a lot, but at the same time, it is also a perfect choice for important occasions that you cannot afford to mess up.

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FAQ – Absolut Vodka Price in Kolkata

What is the Absolut Vodka Price in Kolkata for a 750 ml bottle?

Absolut Vodka price in Kolkata for a 750 ml bottle is 2820 INR.

What is the alcohol content of Absolut Vodka in Kolkata?

The alcohol content of Absolut Vodka is 40% by volume.

What is the Absolut Vodka Price in Kolkata for the cheapest bottle?

 In Kolkata, the cheapest bottle of Absolut Vodka cost 2820 INR.

Where can I find authentic Absolut Vodka in Kolkata?

You can get Absolut Vodka in Kolkata delivered to your house by using food delivery services as well as from retail shops that shelve government-approved alcohol.

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