Skyy Vodka Price in Delhi Today | 375ml, 700ml and 1Ltr Price

This time, should we take a look at the exciting label Skyy, and determine whether the Skyy Vodka price in Delhi is a value-for-money investment for your next drinking adventure?

In this blog, we will do a detailed analysis of the pricing, review and general information about Skyy Vodka. 

After reading this blog you will have the correct information about the different variations of Skyy Vodka that are readily available in Delhi markets and what is the accurate Delhi Skyy Vodka Price that you can expect. 

Brief Details of Skyy Vodka

BrandSkyy Vodka
OriginUnited States
DistilleryCampari America, San Francisco, California
Alcohol by Volume (ABV)40% (80 proof)
Base IngredientAmerican Grain
Filtered4 times through charcoal
Flavour ProfileClean, crisp and neutral with a hint of grain sweetness
Bottle Sizes50mL, 375mL, 750mL, 1L, 1.75L
Flavour Profile

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Skyy Vodka Price in Delhi Today

The duty-free pricing of alcohol in New Delhi and surrounding areas has made it possible for alcohol lovers to try out and experiment with premium-quality alcohol from across the world. Skyy Vodka is an American Vodka brand which is available at relatively affordable pricing in Delhi.

Here is the latest Skyy Vodka Price in Delhi that will give you a much better idea:

Skyy Vodka Price Delhi1 Litre2090₹
Skyy Infusions Vodka Price in Delhi1 Litre3096₹

More about Skyy vodka

Skyy Vodka is a relatively underrated Vodka label in comparison to the larger international brands that have taken over the Indian market. Even then, this authentic American label straight from the USA has a lot to say about the changing customer expectations around the world. Instead of embracing the trend of vintage vodka, Skyy seems to have chosen minimalist packaging and a beachy, breezy taste instead. 

Skyy Vodka was created in 1992 and from the very beginning embraces the futuristic spirit of San Francisco. It has always focused on selling alcohol to responsible drinkers who are goal-oriented and think of life in a fast-paced manner. 

Skyy Vodka in Delhi comes in a beautiful, sleek blue bottle and tastes like the ocean. It is known for its smoothness and medium body. The vodka is created with a roast, citrusy twist by using slight fruit and toasted grains as flavours in the very distillation process. It provides a refreshing hit to the tongue which further enhances the drinking experience for one and all. Skyy Vodka is favoured by many for using authentic Pacific minerals from the San Francisco Bay Area, which sets apart this vodka from other more classically toned drink labels.


Skyy Vodka price in Delhi is mostly the reflection of international quality alcohol in the desi market. More and more people have started to choose this healthier, more responsible option in comparison to the traditional brands of vodka which were popular in the last decades.

 However, the demand for Skyy Vodka in Delhi is still limited. A lot of people seem to wonder why one would want to pay the New Delhi Skyy Vodka price which is quite similar to the price of more well-known brands like Absolut Vodka and Smirnoff Vodka.

 Skyy still has a long way to go when it comes to competing with the largest brands that have such a phenomenal hold on the Indian population. 

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FAQ for Skyy Vodka Price in Delhi

What is the alcohol content of Skyy Vodka?

The alcohol percentage of Skyy Vodka is 40% by volume.

What is the cost of the 1 Litre Skyy Vodka bottle?

The biggest bottle of Skyy Vodka that you can purchase for any large event is the one-litre bottle priced at 2090 INR in Delhi.

Is Skyy Vodka a good choice for an Instagram event?

One of the major reasons why New Delhi Skyy Vodka Price is rising is because of its great Instagrammable quality. This Vodka brand has become very popular among youngsters in India because of its attractive packaging.

How many times is the Skyy Vodka filtered?

The Skyy Vodka is filtered three times.

What kind of cocktails does Skyy Vodka pair well with most?

The best cocktail makers like to pair Skyy Vodka with fruity preparations like apples, citruses and watermelons.

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