Grey Goose Vodka Price in Punjab | Latest 1 Litre Bottle Price

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Brief Details of Grey Goose Vodka

Brand NameGrey Goose
Country of OriginFrance
Alcohol Content40% ABV (80 proof)
DistillationColumn still
FlavorsRegular, L’Orange, La Poire, Cherry Noir, Le Citron, VX
Bottle Sizes50ml, 200ml, 750ml, 1L,

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Grey Goose Vodka Price in Punjab Today

Grey Goose Vodka Price in Punjab has only increased very slightly over the last year and still maintains its affordable and reasonable price point. Let us take a look through the little table below:

Punjab Grey Goose Vodka Price VolumePrice in INR
Grey Goose vodka1 Litre 2650 INR

About Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose vodka is a French vodka which aims to bring a sophisticated twist to the traditional practices involved in the creation of vodka. It was created by Sydney Frank, an American businessman in the 1990s. What guys in relatively new addiction to the world of premium quality what colours many of which are almost more than a hundred years old! It is commendable to see how Grey Goose vodka has made such a name for itself within a few decades because today this world cup brand is easily one of the most popular Vodka brands not only in India but also around the world.

Today The Grey Goose vodka is owned by the multinational alcohol group Bacardi and is created using a special recipe followed in Cognac, France. This means that the unique filtration and distillation process is only carried out in one place in the whole world and that place is Cognac. The best thing about this Vodka is the Water used for the distillation process comes from a natural spring near the Cognac facility, and the filtration is carried out through champagne limestone. The vodka is 100% made from premium French wheat grains known as Picardy.

The Grey Goose vodka is famous not only for its unique French taste and fascinating history but it is also famous for the aesthetic packaging that sets this Vodka apart from all the other premium Vodka brands. The Grey Goose Vodka comes in a slender, beautiful bottle that features its name with a flock of flying geese. A retro, painted image is featured on the bottle in the shape of a giant Goose. It has a blue bottleneck and cap.

Even today organically produced wheat is only used for the creation of this vodka. In India, this Vodka is sold almost at every retail store and brand – looking at such qualities that can even be said that the Grey Goose vodka price in Punjab will be a standard and average pricing of the different discounts and sales that retail shops and retail brands keep giving to users when it comes to premium, high demand Vodka brands Like The Grey Goose.


The Punjab Grey Goose vodka price is listed above. Interested buyers can visit the local retail shops and compare the available prices there with the average of the whole state. There might be additional discounts available, in which case the price will go down. While Punjab does not have many facilities that offer duty-free Vodka to users, many all-India duty-free brands can indeed make it happen!

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FAQ – Grey Goose vodka price in Punjab

 What is the Grey Goose vodka price in Punjab for a 1Ltr bottle?

The Grey Goose Vodka Price in Punjab for 1 Ltr is 2650 INR.

What is the alcohol content of Grey Goose vodka?

The alcohol content of Grey Goose vodka is 40% by volume.

Is Grey Goose vodka good?

Grey Goose vodka is an excellent French vodka created with several herbal infusions that set it apart from other vodka brands. The excellent quality and taste of this vodka make it worth the money.

What is the proof of Grey Goose vodka?

The proof (US) of Grey Goose vodka is the standard 80%.

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