Smirnoff Vodka Price in Delhi | 180 ml, 350 ml, and 750 ml Price

Hey friends! Are you looking for Smirnoff Vodka Price in Delhi today? What is the latest 2023 price for one of the best Vodka brands in the world?

In this blog we will be discussing the many properties of Smirnoff Vodka – is it gluten-free? How many times is it filtered? We will also look at Today’s Delhi Smirnoff Vodka price for all our alcohol lovers from the capital. 

After reading today’s blog you will be able to decide which bottle of Smirnoff Vodka is great for your next purchase and how to put this premium quality Vodka to best use for an exhilarating experience!

Brief Details of Smirnoff Vodka

VariantsSmirnoff No. 21 (Red Label), Smirnoff No. 57 (Blue Label), Smirnoff Flavored Vodkas (Various)
ABV (Alcohol by volume)40%
DistillationTriple distilled
FiltrationTen times through charcoal
Country of OriginRussia
Official Website

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New Delhi Smirnoff Vodka Price Today

Smirnoff Price in Delhi is pretty affordable when you consider the premium finishing of this beverage as well as the duty-free cost that the national capital rewards you with. 

Smirnoff is a clear and strong preparation that can be put straight on the rocks or blended into just the perfect cocktail concoction. Look at the table below to get an idea of the latest Smirnoff Vodka price in Delhi:-

Smirnoff Vodka price in DelhiVolumePrice in INR
Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka 180 ml200 INR
Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka 375 ml405 INR
Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka 750 ml810 INR
Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka 1 litre970 INR

About Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka is one of the largest international Vodka labels along with the names Absolut and Grey Goose. It is said to be the best because it is produced carefully. It is triple distilled and filtered 10 times using the most advanced technology and packaged in steam-cleaned bottles. If you are on the lookout for smooth vodkas, there can scarcely be a Vodka label that will satisfy you as well as Smirnoff Vodka will. 

It is surprising how Smirnoff has retained its classic taste even after the world of beverages has changed so much – this is why reviews say that Smirnoff will take you straight to the Moscow of the 19th century in one sip. Smirnoff is today produced by the British multinational company Diageo Group. These days Smirnoff has started making many flavours as well, and there are 10 significant choices that you can pick from when it comes to Smirnoff vodka.

  • Smirnoff No. 21 vodka
  • Smirnoff Blue Label 100 Proof Vodka (don’t get this one if you are a beginner – it has 50% alcohol by volume!)
  • Smirnoff pineapple vodka
  • Smirnoff green apple vodka
  • Smirnoff iced cake vodka
  • Smirnoff orange vodka
  • Smirnoff vanilla vodka
  • Smirnoff whipped cream vodka
  • Smirnoff fluffed marshmallow vodka
  • Smirnoff raspberry vodka

Unfortunately, all these flavours are not available in Delhi. Different stores have different flavours and variant availability. Chances are you can find more variety in online stores – duty-free online stores also provide discounts on Smirnoff Vodka prices in Delhi!


This was today’s Smirnoff Vodka price in Delhi. Smirnoff is one of the largest Vodka brands in the world and has the reputation of being able to satisfy everyone’s beverage requirements at any event. You can browse our blog to know the Smirnoff Vodka price in other parts of India too! 

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FAQ for Smirnoff Vodka Price in Delhi

Is Smirnoff Vodka Kosher Certified?

Smirnoff is an excellent level of vodka that is Kosher Certified. 

What is the alcohol percentage of Smirnoff Vodka?

The alcohol percentage of most Smirnoff vodka variants is 40% however the Smirnoff Blue Label 100 Proof is a 50% alcohol drink.

What is the Smirnoff Vodka price for a 1 L bottle in New Delhi?

Smirnoff Vodka price for 1l bottle in Delhi is 970 INR.

What is the Smirnoff Vodka price in Delhi for the smallest Vodka bottle?

The smallest Smirnoff vodka is priced at 200 INR.

Is Smirnoff Vodka triple distilled?

Smirnoff Vodka is triple distilled and the No. 21 variant is filtered 10 times. Smirnoff Vodka is gluten-free.

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