Romanov Vodka price in Punjab Today | 180ml, 375ml and 750ml Price

Welcome back, friends! Are you looking for the latest and updated price list of  Romanov Vodka price in Punjab and are also interested in the rich cultural history of this brand which makes it so unique and has helped it to gain international recognition?

In this blog, we will be discussing the most recent pricing of Romanov Vodka in Punjab.

Along with that, this blog will also help you to educate yourself on this world-famous Vodka brand. Starting from its elegant bottle and premium taste, it is also known for passing down its special royal Vodka recipe from generation to generation! 

After reading this blog you will not only be able to find answers to your questions about this exceptional Vodka brand and its prices in Punjab, but will also be smitten by its classic royal Russian history. It is also said to have a perfectly smooth and flavoury taste, that too at an affordable cost!

Brief Details of Romanov Vodka

BrandRomanov Vodka
TypeNeutral Grain Spirit
Alcohol by volume (ABV)37.5%
DistillationTriple distilled
FiltrationCharcoal filtered
Bottle size750 ml, 1L, 1.75L
FlavorsPlain, Green Apple, Orange, Lemon, Vanilla

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Romanov Vodka Price in Punjab – Updated List 2023

Refer to the table below for the most recent and accurate price list of Romanov Vodka in Punjab:

Punjab Romanov Vodka PriceVolumePrice in INR
Romanov Vodka180 ml85
Romanov Vodka375 ml160
Romanov Vodka750 ml280

More About Romanov Vodka 

Romanov Vodka is one of the most well-known liquor brands in India and also across many other countries of the world. It is named after the Romanovs of the Russian dynasty who ruled over the  Russian empire for over 300 years and were known for their royal celebrations.  Russia and Sweden are said to have had a close relationship in the past and their combined traditions had thus resulted in the origin of the extraordinary Romanov Vodka. This vodka is reminiscent of a memorable heritage and of great times.

Romanov Vodka always requires the highest quality ingredients and follows strict and controlled production processes to achieve its best premium taste. This vodka is known for not containing any kind of artificial flavors or other additives. It is made exclusively from the distillation of wheat and rye. Its light vanilla and white pepper aromas are widely praised and loved. Romanov Vodka offers 4 different flavors – apple, lemon, orange, and premium.

Even the Romanov Vodka bottle is popular for its elegant and chic appearance. The sophisticated neck label is decorated with imprints of the Romanov dynasty. Starting from the golden cork, tall and thin neck to the thick bottom which contributes to the image of solidity, the classic Vodka bottle is an embodiment of elegance and class. 

Romanov vodka is a unique and prestigious brand and it’s also one of the cheapest and most affordable Vodka brands in India. This has made it quite popular among clubs and event organiser. Its premium taste and affordability have included it in the list of the top vodkas in India!

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FAQ – Romanov Vodka price in Punjab

What is the Romanov Vodka price in Punjab 750 ml?

Romanov Vodka price in Punjab is 280 INR for 750 ml.

What is the true alcohol content of Romanov Vodka?

The true Alcohol content of Romanov vodka is 42.8%. The remaining liquid is made of water and other ingredients.

Is Romanov Vodka cheap?

Romanov Vodka is one of the most affordable Vodka brands in India and is thus popular among clubs and college students.

Is Romanov a Russian Vodka?

Romanov Vodka is a traditional Russian Vodka brand that is named after the Russian dynasty that ruled the Russian empire.

How does Romanov Vodka taste?

Romanov Vodka is known to leave a strong aftertaste and contains underlying hints of spiciness.

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