Vodka Price in Kolkata Today | 60ml, 350ml and 750ml Bottles Price

Welcome back to the Vodka Prices blog! Today, let us discuss the various details of Vodka Price in Kolkata, including the latest tax rates, duty-free sales, volume, and flavoring.

In today’s blog, we will review the pricing of all popular vodka brands that are being sold in India. We will also be talking about the best places from where we can purchase good quality vodka at affordable prices.

After reading this blog, our readers will have a clear understanding of what the current Vodka price in Kolkata is for different labels. Since we are also discussing the qualities of good vodka on this blog, we hope our readers will be able to recognize which Vodka label or taste will suit them the best. Many of our readers must have their own opinions and experiences in this area – do let us know about your beliefs and preferences in the common section of this blog!

Keep browsing through the many articles on Vodka Prices blog where we have covered Vodka price in Kolkata for different labels and have also talked about the history of these brands. Hope you enjoy being a part of the Vodka Prices community!

Brief Guide to Vodka Price in Kolkata

The vodka price in Kolkata is determined by the excise duty rates on alcohol imposed by the West Bengal government. While this amount is not a lot, it can create a significant difference in the purchasing parity of buyers in West Bengal as compared to other metropolitan cities of India. Duty-free sale of alcohol on certain websites is allowed within Kolkata.

Vodka prices in Kolkata have recently gone up due to inflation and we can already see the effects of the increase in excise duty in the reduced demand of vodka among youngsters who cannot afford to purchase alcohol at a great price. However, big retail brands and duty-free online shops have started to give interesting discounts to buyers in Kolkata in an attempt to make them more familiar with the current Kolkata Vodka price and how it is quickly increasing.

Vodka Prices Kolkata List 2023

White Mischief180 ml185
White Mischief375 ml385
White Mischief750 ml770
White Mischief lemon180 ml210
White Mischief Orange180 ml215
White Mischief Orange750 ml890
Blue Riband180 ml230
Blue Riband375 ml380
Blue Riband750 ml590
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Where to Buy Cheapest Vodka in Kolkata

It is true – we all are looking for some good quality Vodka at cheap prices so that we can enjoy this famous beverage on multiple occasions – and even on regular days when we just feel like experiencing it! For that it is important to have a clear idea of the variations in vodka price in Kolkata and where we can find better deals for our friends and guests.

  • The cheapest Vodka in Kolkata is definitely found online which is why most of the younger generation prefers to have their alcoholic beverages delivered right to their doorstep with the aid of some special government-recognized duty-free retail shops.
  • Even if you do not have a retail store where you sell alcohol, by becoming a registered license that can conduct retail alcohol sales you can purchase alcohol at mind-blowing wholesale prices. You should make use of these purchases when you are buying large-scale Vodka for an event or occasion. As an event organizer, you can collaborate with your caterers and other businesses to arrange for Vodka at wholesale prices.
  • There are many offers that continue to take place on big retail brands’ pricing of vodka. If we keep an eye out for these discounts and sales we can end up on great cuts in the final pricing of our vodka. 


Vodka price in Kolkata has recently increased a bit due to the recent changes in the sales tax and excise duty policies of the West Bengal State. Even then, good quality Vodka is easily available in Kolkata due to its great drinking culture and open acceptance of alcohol. Hope you found what you are looking for, and make sure to visit for more!

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FAQ – Vodka price in Kolkata

What are some of the most popular Vodka labels sold in Kolkata?

Some of the most popular Vodka labels sold in Kolkata include the Smirnoff, Absolut, Magic Moments, and Eristoff Vodka.

What is the price of 750 ml Eristoff Vodka in Kolkata?

The Eristoff Vodka price in Kolkata for a 750 ml bottle is 990 INR.

What is the average alcohol percentage of Vodka sold in Kolkata?

The alcohol percentage of most Vodka brands in Kolkata ranges from 40% to 42.8% by volume.

What is the most affordable label of Vodka sold in Kolkata?

 Smirnoff Vodka is one of the most affordable Vodka brands in Kolkata.

Which vodka label should be chosen for cocktail preparation during an event?

The best Vodka label for any cocktail preparation is the Magic Moments vodka.

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