Vodka Price in Punjab Today | 90ml, 180ml, 750ml and 1Ltr Vodka Price

Welcome to Vodka Prices! Today we will be discussing the most recent and updated vodka price in Punjab in various sizes and flavours and will also take a quick glance at how to choose the best Vodka brand which delivers the ultimate premium taste at an affordable price!

In this blog, you will find a detailed and accurate price list of all the leading Vodka brands today which are available in Punjab. By the end of this blog, you will also become aware of the merits of these prestigious vodka brands and will be able to make a wise choice for your purchase.

Brief of Vodka Price in Punjab Today

Punjab is currently a big consumer of liquor with 2,20,000 bottles daily consum! It has been recorded that 2 crore bottles were consumed by the state in 1 year! Vodka, being one of the most famous alcoholic beverages across the globe, has a good market for national and international companies in the state of Punjab.

Vodka in Punjab is also preferred for its health benefits. It is said that Vodka improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress if consumed in moderation. It is also free from sugar and cholesterol. This has made it not only one of the most popular alcoholic beverages but also made it an important part of the preparation of many cuisines and is hence much loved by everyone. The price of  Vodka makes it very affordable and easily brings a charm to everyone’s day!

Here we provide an updated record, listing the accurate prices of all major premium quality vodkas of Punjab along with some underrated variants for your liking!

Punjab  Vodka Price List 2023 Brand Wise

Absolut vodka price in Punjab Today | Updated 750ml Vodka Price
Magic Moments vodka price in Punjab | 180ml, 375ml and 750ml Price
Smirnoff Vodka Price in Punjab Today | 180ml, 375ml, 750ml Bottle Price
Grey Goose Vodka Price in Punjab | Latest 1 Litre Bottle Price
Romanov Vodka price in Punjab Today | 180ml, 375ml and 750ml Price

Where To Find Premium Vodka at Cheap Prices 

Vodka price in Punjab is available for wholesale purchase only by government-authorized retailers. However, you can opt for many of the other ways of locating high-quality Vodka at Cheap prices in Punjab. Some of these are suggested below:

  • Offline chain retailers such as Reliance Fresh,  Spencer’s,  Metro, etc stock Vodka in Punjab and also offer discounts. They also offer home delivery options. 
  • Many popular and well-reputed clubs, pubs, and nightclubs provide premium quality Vodka according to your needs. 
  • You will also find many individual retailers with good quality alcoholic beverages including Vodka, from government-recognized shops. 
  • Vodka from many well-known and well-reviewed stores on the web usually attract many customers in the state.
  • By any chance, if you want to know where large quantities of Vodka or other alcoholic beverages for any event or catering purposes can be found, the answer is government-recognized wholesale markets.

How To Choose Affordably, Quality Vodka

Finding a high-quality Vodka can be a hefty task and is often looked upon as a challenge. However, we will give you a quick guide for choosing a good vodka from the never-ending options of available Vodka brands, so no matter what, you will be able to find the perfect bottle for yourself without worrying too much!

Good quality Vodka is expected to taste creamy and smooth.  Their sweet fruity or grainy aroma is a must!

On the other hand, bad-quality Vodka might be more on the bitter-tasting side and may smell like medicine.

  •  If you are someone who has trouble with pure Vodka,  you can opt for flavoured vodka. Vodkas are available in a wide range of flavours like- raspberry, Grapefruit, vanilla, lemon, caramel, chocolate, etc.
  • If you are a beginner you can try the popular brands first, as their taste is preferred by people worldwide and it most definitely won’t ever go wrong!
  • Paying a higher price for your bottle of Vodka may not always guarantee the expected taste. There are many non-expensive brands too that provide premium quality vodka!

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FAQ – Vodka Price in Punjab

What is the price of Absolut Vodka in Punjab?

 The price of Absolut vodka 750 ml in Punjab is 1300 INR in Punjab.

Which vodka is best in Punjab?

Smirnoff and Grey Goose are one of the top best vodkas of Punjab.

What is the price of Magic Moments vodka in Punjab?

The price of Magic Moments vodka 750ml in Punjab is 899 INR.

What is the local alcohol in Punjab?

Tharra, a locally produced alcoholic drink of the Indian subcontinent, is the popular alcohol in Punjab.

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